You are the custodians of culture, the earliest teachers and you have to instill virtue in your children. Do not set bad examples for your children. If you are truthful, just, and calm and full of love in your dealings with others, your children too, will grow accordingly. Parents must correct themselves before they correct their children.

As this school lays great emphasis on discipline - slackness, disobedience and disregard of the rules will not be tolerated. Any negligence of good manners, any work or action likely to lower the image of the school is regarded as a breach of school discipline: The school reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Immorality, insubordination or contempt of authority and breaking bounds and causing damage to school property are always sufficient reasons for suitable action to be taken immediately.

  1. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms to see their children or teachers during school hours.
  2. Parents are required to inform the school office, if there is any change in their address, telephone numbers and other relevant information, immediately.
  3. Children, when sick, should not be sent to school to attend classes. The parents will hold the institution, indemnified against all claims arising through illness and accident.
  4. Parent's attention is drawn to the fact that criticism of the school or teacher in the presence of a child should be strictly avoided because it causes the students to lose respect for their teachers with the consequent failure to learn from them and retards their progress.
  5. A respectable Code of Conduct should be maintained and punctuality observed at such meetings.
  6. Parents should sign the progress report card and return it to the school within three days. If lost / mutilated, a replacement will be made after the payment of the required fine of RS.100 at the Administrative Office.
  7. The name, admission no., class, section and house of the pupil should be clearly marked on all belongings of the students for e.g. blazers, ties, jerseys, skirts, pants, shirts, socks, shoes, bags, scarves, etc.
  8. Parents are required to co-operate with the school in its attempt to help their children progress by paying attention to their attendance, punctuality and discipline and to take interest in their child's work. They should check the almanac every day and note the instructions given. They are advised to check the bags of their wards to see if any circular / notice / invitation etc. has been issued.
  9. Care must be taken of all school property and if any damage is done, it will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine imposed for the offence.
  10. Students are not allowed to wear earrings. Students are not allowed to apply nail polish / mehendi / tattoos under any circumstances.
  11. Students are advised not to carry any cash and to bring valuable articles for e.g. mobile phones expensive watches, fountain pens, transistors, electronic gadgets, cameras, calculators or jewellery to school.
  12. It is compulsory for all students to attend school on the first day of the beginning of a school or after each vacation, and the last day before the end of a semester / beginning of a vacation, otherwise strict action will be taken by the school authority.
  13. The ward of those parents, who avoid meeting the authorities, when advised to do so, may not be allowed to attend the classes.
  14. Parents should not try to contact the Co-ordinator or teachers over the phone. but they can meet the Co-ordinator and teachers during the 'Visiting Hours'.
  15. Parents must first consult the school calendar, date sheets and other circulars before making enquiries over the phone.
  16. Parents and guardians are requested to read and explain the school rules to their wards.
  17. Strict action will be taken against students using unfair means in examination.

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