• 22/04/2017

    Earth Day

    Earth day is a very important event that we celebrate every year on 22nd April. It promotes conservation and awareness about the earth’s resources. We all know that forests are decreasing on the earth’s surface. Every man shoud know their responsibility towards planet earth. When we cut one tree, we should plant ten more. On Saturday, 22nd April the students from nature club assembled in the school to plant asplings. The students were very excited. We wer helped by Miss U. rumba, Miss A. Thapa, Miss A. Rai and Miss N. Subba. Some of the students planted and some cleaned the area. Everyone enjoyed! We had also prepared a board work for Earth Day. With great enthusiasm the students carried out a big responsibility and helped in making the surroundings cleaner and greener. Lundup Dolma Tamang Class VIII (B)